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2125 Harrison Street, Mission District, San Francisco, California, 94110


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  • Chad·

    These guys are so helpful and knowledgeable and friendly. They're always willing to help and have gotten me happily back onto the road tons of times. We are really lucky to have them in San Francisco.

  • Andre Sharp·

    I feel very much helped whenever I come in or contact this place. The last quick fix didn’t work, but that’s fine. I understood fixing a bent brake rotor might not work out, so I’ll need to set up another visit to change it for a new one. I still left feeling good about my visit. I wish at least half the places I patronized were half as professional.

  • Steph F·

    I've been to Third Rail eBikes a few times to get our ebike serviced. They are pleasant, kind, and do great work. I appreciate being able to schedule an appointment and I also appreciate having the work completed on time. I trust their judgment and care for our bike.

  • Michael Shaulis·

    I was their 2nd customer in their awesome, large, bright, new location on Harrison St. Their reputation speaks for itself.

  • Kateland Harte·

    These guys are not only superb bike mechanics, but also excellent neighbors and lovely people.

  • Scott Keck·

    Can't say enough nice things about Eugene at Third Rail eBikes! My wife and I just got back from almost 2 hrs of testing out different bikes. Eugene was great, talked to us about how we planned to use them, if we had a certain style of bike in mind, etc. Walked us thru the differences between mid-drive and wheel-hub motors, pedal assist (always-on vs. torque sensing). We both found bikes we liked, which is VERY hard for my wife, as she is 4'11". Eugene also talked to us about customizing the bikes as far as pedals, seats, handlebars, shifter levers, etc. Since they carry a bunch of accessory parts, they can really customize the bike when you buy it (and won't charge you labor if you buy the parts at the same time you buy the bike!). He asked if this had been our first stop in test-riding eBikes, and suggested one or two other competing shops we could try if we wanted to see other styles/makes of bikes. He never gave us the hard-sell, made us feel heard, and was free with his time and expertise. While we want to be sure we perform our "due diligence" before spending $$ on eBikes, I definitely feel like we want to buy our bikes from Third Rail eBikes!! Eugene even recommended a nearby local business, when I told him we were looking to add a trailer hitch receiver to our car, to accommodate the ebike rack. We drove from Third Rail directly to that shop, had a great experience there and ordered a hitch setup from them on the spot.

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